Hannah Montana - Been Here All Along chords version 3

Capo on the 2nd fret. I'm not so sure about the whole thing, but it sound good, i 
think. Let me know what you think!

E Asus2Sunrise and I lifted my head
E Asus2Then I smiled at your picture sitting next to my bed.
E Asus2Sunset and you're feeling okay
E Asus2Cause you smile at the letter that I sent you today
A EAnd I, can't wait till I see you again
Asus2 EAnd I, both say remember when,
Asus2 EThe band played on the forth of July
BbAnd you held me on your shoulders way up high
E You're still there for me
Asus2Wherever there might be
Bb CmAnd if an ocean lies between us
A I'll send a message across the sea
EThat you can't sleep tonight
Asus2Knowing it's alright
Cm Bb AI believe that you wil listen to my song
Asus2You're with me
E-Asus2You've been here all along
AYou've been here all along
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