Hanni El Khatib – Fuck It You Win chords

F#m : 9-9-11-11-10-9
E : 7-7-9-9-9-7
C#m : 9-11-11-10-9-9
D : 10-12-12-11-10-10

F#m ECall me on the phone
C#mWhy don't you
F#m EFind me at my home
C#mWhy don't you
DCome one
F#m EScare my friends away
C#mWhy don't you
F#m EFake my life for leaving one babe
C#mWhy don't you
Call babe yeap girl F#m E D C#m (x2) Chords remains the same for the rest of the song. ------------Chords by Fantom4$$$$$--------------- Come on my roof Why don't you Snake into my house baby Why don't you Put yourself to the ground Fuck it why don't you Bite me in the neck Yeah it's driving me dry Something's dry Oh fuck it you win Oh darling you win I said fuck it you win Oh darling you win Oh God, oh no Love me when you're tired Why don't you Yeah hate me when you're drunk Oh why don't you Say you're dead brother fuck darling Oh why don't you Find a new man to call girls darling Fuck you why don't you Fuck it you win Oh darling I said you win Oh fuck it you win Oh God you win Yeah baby yeah baby Fuck it you won
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