Hanson - Give A Little tab

Intro and Verse 1 (8 timee)

Prechorus: Hold F for 2 measures
Chorus 1 (3 times)
C C C F F F F F F F G G G GE--8----8----8---|----------------|------------|----------------|B--8----8----8---|-10--10--10--10-|-10--10--10-|-12--12--12--12-|G--9----9----9---|-10--10--10--10-|-10--10--10-|-12--12--12--12-|D--10---10---10--|-10--10--10--10-|-10--10--10-|-12--12--12--12-|A--10---10---10--|--8---8---8---8-|--8---8---8-|-10--10--10--10-|E--8----8----8---|--x---x---x---x-|--x---x---x-|--x---x---x---x-|
Chorus outro (1 time)
C C C F F F F D D D G G G GE--8----8----8---|----------------|-10--10--10-|----------------|B--8----8----8---|-10--10--10--10-|-10--10--10-|-12--12--12--12-|G--9----9----9---|-10--10--10--10-|-11--11--11-|-12--12--12--12-|D--10---10---10--|-10--10--10--10-|-12--12--12-|-12--12--12--12-|A--10---10---10--|--8---8---8---8-|-12--12--12-|-10--10--10--10-|E--8----8----8---|--x---x---x---x-|-10--10--10-|--x---x---x---x-|
Verse 2 Modulates up 1 whole step
Prechorus: Hold G for 2 measures
Chorus 2 is up 1 whole step from Chorus 1 D D D \ G G G G \ G G G \ A A A A (3x) D D D \ G G G G \ E E E \ A A A A (1x) 3rd Chorus is up 1 whole step from Chorus 2 Strumming the Chorus: Mute with left hand. (x) = Mute It's really fast. Listen to recording to perfect rhythm. C Down (x) Up Down F Up (x) Up (x) Up Down F Down (x) Up Down G Up (x) Up (x) Up Down 1 and a 2 and a 3 e and a 4 e and a 1 and a 2 and a 3 e and a 4 e and a
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