Hanson - Next Train tab

Good song from some of their unreleased stuff.  I like to finger pick, but you can strum as well . . .

***Capo the second fret***

A, Aadd9, Asus, Amaj7, Gbm, D, E, Bm, Db

           A      Amaj7   Gbm
Well I've finally found tomorrow
       D        E       A    Amaj7
Cos I just now found today
         A         Amaj7    Gbm
And I'm left with all the sorrow
      D         E         A/Asus/Aadd9/A
Lingering from yesterday


         D           E              A        Hammer to Asus 2x
So I'm leaving this behind on the next train
       D         E        A    Hammer to Asus 2x
To a place where I don't know
        D           E               A         Hammer to Asus 2x
When I leave I may not ride on the best train
         D         E           A
But I'm tired of trying to let go

Repeat next verse just ike the first
Then Repeat Chorus again . .


You're the drug that's in my vein
You lift me up and leave me pain
I'm broken, beaten, barely sane
        Dbm                      D
So I'm leaving on the next train
I'll gladly stay to wait it through
And find out what I've meant to you 
But it's given me this time
        D               E
So I'm leaving this behind

(guitar solo)

Repeat Chorus one more time then . . .

        D        E          A      
Yes Im tired of tryn to let go
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