Hanson – River tab

great song...

Capo 3

play the "G" with a 3rd on your B-string instead of a 5th |3 2 0 0 0 3|
play the "C" with an extra 5th in there with your pinky |x 3 2 0 1 3|

Intro: G-C (4x's)

Verse 1:

G                           C
Lately we've been talking about who we are
D-Dsus                    G-C
Seems we don't know any more
G                               C 
And all this time we've been thinking
At night I've been dreaming about you


       C                F               C-F
And I know you don't believe me when I say
C                      F      C  
Ill love you till the end forever and a day


G              C     G-C        
I guess we'll never know (we'll never know yeah)
G         C          G           C  
Exactly where this rivers gonna flow
G               C           G-C
I guess we'll never understand (understand)
G         C          G       C
Till we reach that promise land
So I guess wellD-Dsus (Intro)I guess well never know
Verse 2: G C People say that were sweethearts D-Dsus They say nothing could tear us apart G C G Well I don't know about you C D-Dsus But this thing were going through is tearing me in two (Bridge) (Chorus) Comments? Questions? Do I know what I'm talking about? email me at tictactoedb@yahoo.com
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