Happy Chichester – White Devil chords


White Devil    (C tuning)

by Happy Chichester  http://www.howlinmaggie.net

     Original Tuning C#

Cm-D7-D#maj7-D7           2x  


Cm-D7-D#maj7-D7 4x Two thumbs up and,
I got all I need, baby, Don't want for nothing. Got my eyes on a hog, yeah, A hog gets fat While his daughter gets slaughtered,
Cm-G#-F-G 4xYeah, but she done me wrong.
Desiring people unchallenging. Although I know it's undone, I had her.
D# G F D# D7God bless analysis.
Cm-D7-D#maj7-D7 4xDid you see what they done?
Traded my soul, Soil! Tell the man that six feet in the hole.
Cm-G#-F-G 4xWell will these promises
Be kind? Dear soul, kind listener, Dream on.
D# G F D# D7You're just a face away,
From where I am becoming. Cm-D7-D#maj7-D7 4x Cm-G#-F-G 4x Baby, I need you. I will worship, Your shadow. Beyond below, Otherwise the,
D# G F D# D7Same room
Cm-D7-D#maj7-D7 8x White devil White devil
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