Harper Ben – Another Lonely Day tab ver. 2


Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 14:27:47 -0800
From: traps@ix.netcom.com (Arvin Chen )
Subject: TAB: Ben Harper - "Another Lonely Day"

Ben Harper is as close as you can get to Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix 
these days.  This is one of my favorite songs.

                          ANOTHER LONELY DAY
                                            By Ben Harper

Played one whole step down..(D,G,C,F,A,d) - tabbed in standard tuning

Intro and Verse:(The chords are C Am Em G)

Fingerpicked-- (C) (Am) (Em) (G)e|------------------------------------------------|G|-----1--------1-------------0------------0------|B|-----0--------2-------------0------------0------|D|-------------------------2-----2-2p0------------|A|--3----3-2-0----0---0----2-----2-2p0--2-------2-|E|------------------3---3--0-----0-0----3-----3---|*When going to chorus the last note should be E(Open on the 6th string)
Chorus:(F Am G) (F) (Am) (G)e|----------------------------3-----0h3--3-|G|----1-----1-----1-----1-----3-----0h3--3-|B|----2-----2-----2-----2-----0----------0-|D|-3-----3-----2-----2-----0-----0-------0-|A|-0-----0-----0-----0-----2-----2-------2-|E|-------------------------3-----3-------3-|
Verse: Yes indeed I'm alone again and here comes emptiness crashing in it's either love or hate I can't find in between cause I've been with witches and I have been with a queen Chorus: It wouldn't have worked out any way so now it's just another lonely day further along we just may but for now it's just another lonely day Verse: Wish there was something I could say or do I can resist anything but temptation from you but I'd rather walk alone then chase you around I'd rather fall myself then let you drag me down Chorus: Verse: Yesterday seems like a life ago cause the one I love today I hardly know you I held so close in my heart oh dear grow further from me with every fallen tear Chorus: I hope someone actually wants to learn this great song. I know most of Ben's tunes, so if you want, e-mail me at traps@ix.netcom.com
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