Harper Simon - Berkeley Girl chords

This is my 1st Tab. But I cant take the credit as this is edited from
the original(s) by Roj Vincent.

My sister loves this song, so when she asked me for the chords, I sent her
to this site, and though she was more than happy, I felt some of it needed
a tweak - so here you go;

Artist: Harper Simon
Song: Berkeley Girl         Edited by Mockers

Tuning: Capo on third fret

Intro:    C  Dm  G  G7   C

C Dm GShe is juniper and roses
G7 CShe is amethyst and pearl
Dm GAnd though she makes her home in Hollywood
G7 CShes really just a Berkeley girl
Dm GShes the breeze on Sunday morning
G7 CBlowin down the country lane
Dm GShes got the style of Paulette Goddard
CAnd the smile of Joan Fonteyne
F C DmAnd she drives a Carmen Ghia
F C DmThrough the streets of Silver Lake
F Em F C GAnd the hills of Echo Park
C Dm GShe is crinoline and satin
G7 CShe is leopard skin and lace
Dm GHard to believe that she believed in me
G7 CWhen I was such a hopeless case
Dm GAnd she knows from love and service
G7 CYes she knows from peace of mind
Dm GTo be not sinister in purpose
G7 CAnd to never be unkind
F C DmAnd she loves a Tulsi garden
F C DmAnd she loves her rock and roll
F Em F C GAnd shes never far from my mind
C Dm GShe is juniper and roses
G7 CGuess Ill say it once again
Dm GAnd though we are no longer lovers
G7 CI know shell always be my friend
Dm GSo if you ever ride beside her
CTravellin down the one oh one
Dm GBe thankful that you're with a Berkeley girl
CWhos beautiful beneath the moon and the sun
C Dm G G7 CAhaaaa...............Ahaaaa.............Ahaaa......ah.....ah
C Dm G Ahaaaa...............Ahaaaa.............Ahaaa......ah.....ah
F G CAhaaaaa............Berkeley girl
With thanks to Roj Vincent for the excellent original(s)!
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