Harris Emmylou – Where Could I Go tab

Artist: Ben Harper
Track: Where could I go
Album: There will be a light(with blind boys of alabama)
Tabbed by alexPP: alessandro15@hotmail.fr


Verse F Dm Bb C Dm7e|----1-----1--------1-----1----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---1-1---1-1------3-3---3-3-------3---------5--------6-----6------------------------------------|G|--2---2-2---2----2---2-2---2-----3-3-------5-5------7-7---7-7-----------------------------------|D|-3-----3--------0-----0---------3---3-----5---5----7---7-7---7----------------------------------|A|-------------------------------1---------3--------5-----5---------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F Dm Bb C Dm7 C#e|-1--1------------5--------|B|-1--3---3---5----6----6---|G|-2--2---3---5----7----6---|D|-3--0---3---5----7----6---|A|-3------1---3----5----4---|E|-1------------------------|
F Dm There's no deals to be made with the dawn Bb C Dm7 Now I fear that our time has come and gone Bb C# F They say freedom is just a place to hide Bb C# Dm7 Bb Now I'm coming to you with my arms open wide (Oh - won't you tell me) C Where could I go to the Lord F Dm Take a prayer with you to heaven for me Bb C Oh - And give it to the Lord Dm7 Give it to the Lord F Cause nothing else could save a sinner Dm Sinner like me Bb C Oh - But an angel's word Dm7 Just an angel's word Bb C# Now - Oh now - what is - what is too true F What is hard is much too true Bb C# Dm7 Bb Oh - and what's true Oh - is much too too hard C And now where - where could I go but to the Lord Mama was hard on us but we could take it And papa didn't give a damn and he couldn't fake it They say freedom Oh - Freedom is just an other place to hide Now I'm coming to you with my arms open wide (And tell me) Where could I go - Oh - but to the Lord
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