Harrison George – Dark Horse tab

Song: Dark Horse
Artist: George Harrison
Album: Dark Horse

It?s a great song. This is an acoustic version i made. It?s a pity no one tabbed it before.
March 4, 2002

Intro x2: A7sus2 A7 A7sus2 A7 E7 E7/9 E7E |--------------------------------B |--0--h2---0--h2----0---h3---0---G |--0---0---0---0----1----1---1---D |--2---2---2---2----0----0---0---A |--0---0---0---0----2----2---2---E |-------------------0----0---0---
A7 E7 E7/9 You thought that you knew where I was and when A7 E7 E7/9 But it looks like they've been foolin' you again, B7 E7 E7/9 You thought that you'd got me all steaked out B7 E7 E7/9 But baby looks like I've been breaking out
Fill In E7/9E |---------------------------------B |---------------------------------G |--1---2---4----------------------D |--0---0---0---------------------- Hit The Guitar SoftlyA |--2---2---2----------------------E |---------------------------------
F C C/9 C C/9 I'm a dark horse C G D Dsus4 Dsus2 D Running on a dark race course F C C/9 C C/9 I'm a blue moon C G D Dsus4 Dsus2 D Since I stepped from out of the womb F C C/9 C C/9 I've been a cool jerk C G D Dsus4 Dsus2 D Looking for the source F C C/9 C C/9 I'm a dark horse. (Hit again the guitar softly) Intro x2 You thought you had got me in your grip Baby looks like you was not so smart And I became too slippery for you But let me say that was nothing new. Chorus Intro x2 I thought that you knew it all along Until you started getting me not right Seems as if you heared a little late But I warned you when We both were at the starting gate Chorus CHORDS: C/9 EADGBE x32013 hope you like it---- Martin Testa any comments mtesta43@hotmail.com
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