Harry And The Potters - Save Ginny tab

Great Song. The Greatest Band.

Intro C  F  G (x6)

Sax Riff:

C F G Your mom is like a mom to me C F G Your brother is like a brother to me C F G Can't you see things were meant to be? C F G Ginny C F G x4 C F G When we were young and innocent C F G I saved you from a Basilisk C F G I think that that deserves a kiss C F G But you're all over Dean Thomas C F G (x4) C F G When I heard that you two split up C F G I got a feeling in my gut C F G It was like my insides were dancing Am C The conga line, get on the line F G We'll have a good time Am C Oh Ginny Weasley F G You're so dreamy Am C Ginny Weasley F G Ron's gonna kill me C F G (x4) C F G Do you know that Voldemort is C F G Trying to kill me C F G And I dont want you caught in between C F G Like Sirius Black and my mom and my dad C F G I dont want to lose you C F G So I can see you C F G I dont want to lose you C F G So you know I can't see you Am C But my wizard scar F G Burns for you Am C My wizard scar still F G Burns for you Am C My wizard scar F G Still burns for C You...
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