Harry And The Potters - New Wizard Anthem tab

			    NEW WIZARD ANTHEM - Harry & The Pottes

Off the excellent album "The Power of Love". I'm surprised that no one has tabbed 
else off the album. This tab is pretty correct, you'll just need to figure it out with the music.

Tuning: Normal

Riff 1:

Riff 2:e|---|B|---|G|---|D|-9-| (Repeat)A|-9-|E|-7-|
Now put it together: (Drum intro) Riff 1 over the lyrics: I wanna rock! I am a wizard You wanna rock You must be a muggle We wanna rock, we rock together Don't stop the rock We rock forever Riff 2 over: Wizard rock (repeat) The song just repeats itself after that. Tabbed by: Greg Voldemort can never stop the rock!
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