Harry Chapin - Taxi chords

                              Taxi-Harry Chapin
A guy kept requesting this song and i couldn't find a simple chord chart on here 
so here one is, it is only a rough guide but it should get you through a performance.

(D to Am7 vamp throughout most of verse, listen to the song for the picking)
D-Am7It was raining hard in Frisco, I needed one more fair to make my night,
C Bb D A lady up ahead waved to flag me down and she got in at the light,
D-Am7Where are you going my lady blue, its a shame you ruined you gown in the rain,
C Bb DShe just looked out the window, she said sixteen parkside lane,
D-Am7Something about her was familiar, I could swear I seen that face before,
C Bb D But she said Im sure your mistaken, and she didnt say anything more,
D-Am7It took a while but she looked in the mirror and she glanced at the license
C Bbfor my name, A smile seemed to come to her slowly, it was a sad smile just
Dthe same,
G D C G D And she said how are you Harry, I said How are you Sue,
G Em D Bm C Bb DThrough the too many miles and two little smiles I still--- remember you
D-Am7It was somewhere in a fairy tale, I used to drive her home in my car,
C Bb We learned about love in the back of a Dodge, the lessons hadn’t gone to
G Em D BmYou see she was gonna be an actress, and I was gonna learn to fly
G Bm C Bb DShe took off to find the footlights, I took off to find the sky
C Bm E Ive got something inside me, to make a princess blind,
C Em Am Em C Em Am D Em There's a wild man wizard hes hiding in me, illuminatin my mind,
C Bm E Ive got something inside me, not what my life's about
C Em Am Em C Em Am FCause Ive been letting my outside tide me over till my time runs out
Weird high singing interlude, I just play some jazzy 7 chords. If anyone has the chords or lyrics for this section please post or send them to me.
D-Am7There was not much more for us to talk about, whatever we once had was gone,
C BbSo I turned my cab into the driveway, past the gate and the fine trimmed
D-Am7And she said we must get together, but I knew It'd never be arranged
C Bb So she hand me twenty dollar for a two fifty fare and said Harry, Keep the
D-Am7 (same chords and timing but full strum not picked)Well another man might have been angry, and another man might have been
C Bbhurt, but another man never would have let her go, I stashed the bill in my
G Em D BmAnd she walked away in silence, its strange how you never know,
G D Bm G D But we'd both gotten what we'd asked for, such a long, long, time ago,
D-Am7 (Strummed)You see she was gonna be an actress, and I was gonna learn to fly,
C Bb D She took off to find the footlights, I took off to find the sky
G D C G D And here's she's acting happy, inside her handsome home,
G D Bm C Bb D-Am7 and me I fly in my taxi, taking tips and gettin stoned
G A D-Am7 I go fly---ing so high, when Im stoned
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