Harry Nilsson – Gotta Get Up tab

Gotta Get Up

C             D# 
Gotta get up, gotta get out, 
D                         G#  G   C     
gotta get home before the mornin' comes.
What if I'm late? Got a big date, 
D                         G#  G     D     
gotta get home before the sun comes up.
Up and away, got a big day, 
E                            Bb   A    D              
sorry we can't stay, I gotta run, run, yeah.
Gotta get home, pick up the phone, 
E                             Bb       A
gotta let the people know I'm gonna be late.

C  G   C  G (bass notes:  C C# D G) 

C           G                                C           G
There was a time when we could dance until a quarter to ten.
                          C         G                         C   G# G
We never thought it would end then, we never thought it would end.
C          G                             C           G
We used to carry on and drink and do the rock and roll.
We never thought we get older 
G                            C       G# G
We’d never thought it'd grow cold but now


Down by the sea she knew a sailor who had been to war.
She never even knew a sailor before, she never even knew his name.
He'd come to town and he would pound her for a couple of days
And then he'd sail across the bubbly waves and those
And those were happier days, but now


by: José Duarte
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