Harry Nilsson - Remember Christmas tab

Remember (Christmas)
E9        B7(x21000)
Long ago, far away
F#m9            E9               E  Emaj7  E6
Life was clear, close your eyes

E    Emaj7    E6  
Remember is a place from long ago
 A    Amaj7          A6
Remember filled with everything you know
 E    Emaj7          E6
Remember when you're sad and feelin' down
  A   Amaj7    A6
Remember turn around

Remember life is just a memory
Remember close your eyes and you can see
Remember think of all that life can be
E             E7
Dream love is only in a dream
  F#             F#7 
Remember life is never as it seems
B    B7   E

by: Josť Duarte
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