Harry Nilsson - Poli High tab

Poli High

Poli-high, poli, poli so high,  
Poli-high,, Poli high, poli-high (repeat)

Valley low, valley, valley so low
Valley Low, Valley Low, Valley High (repeat)

      F7          Bb               
Had a game, had a game, (had a technical game,
By the name, by the name, called a technical game,)
Valley High, Valley High, Valley High, Poli, Low
                 C                      C# C
Then the whistle blows, then de whistle blows

Second half, second half, Poli come from behind.
Hold that line, Hold that line, Hold that line, 
Far to go, going slow, Poli come from behind.
Running out of the time.

Number Two, dressed in blue, make a run with the ball,
Hurry up Poli, pass Valley by 

Then the rain start to fall making fools of them all
    C7                        F 
And so it ends in a technical tie.

by: Josť Duarte
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