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Wailing of the Willows

Listen to the wailing of the willows,
Listen to me crying on my pillow
Dm7                                      Cmaj7
Crying cause I know my love is gone from me

Living in a world of different places, 
Looking at a million different faces
Yet I see a face in every face I see

Am6                       E         
Love must lack a sense of humor, 
   Gm                       F
It laughs when other people cry
Cm6                          F
Love, would love to hear the rumor, 
     Am6                            Bbm6 Cmaj7
That you and I have finally said goodbye

I know that every heart was made for breaking
And my love was ready for the takin’,
Still I won’t complain for someday love will call again

Must I take a memory as a token,
To replace a heart that love has broken
Will the wailing willow always weep for me
Must I see a face in every place I see
Listen to the wailing of the willow tree

by: José Duarte
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