Harry Nilsson – My Girl tab

My Girl

Intro:  E  D   E  G

E					       D
I’ve been hearing all kinds of stories since you’ve been gone
E          					     D
Everybody tells me you’ve been running around and (?) on

I won’t believe it till I hear it from you
When I went away you said you’d be true
 	    A7          	       D         E  D   E  G
But if you (?) here’s what I’m gonna do-o-o-o-o

E			               D
I’m gonna break the back of every guy you had a date with
E					         D
When I get through they’re gonna be sorry they played with
G        F
My girl, ohuhohoh, my girl

I won’t believe it...

I’m gonna get you back with me where you belong
I’m gonna give you twice the love from now on
Cause you’re my girl, ohuhohoh, my girl

by: José Duarte
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