Harvey Danger – Underground tab

"Underground" As played by Harvey Danger on the CD "King James Version"

The first part of this is played clean (no amp effects) and then at the end, it changes
to (overdrive? Can someone with an electric help this poor acoustic player out?)

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E------1--1--1/2--2--4--5--4h6p5-----9--------1/2--2--2--1--1--4--2/1-|B----2----2-----------------------2-----6--2-------3--3--2--2--5--3/2-|G--1------1----------------------------------------2--2--1--1--4--2/1-| ^pick fast
E--[------------14----------------------14------------------14----------------------14----]B--[----11--14------14--11------11--14------11------12--15------15--12------12--15------12]G--[11----------------------11------------------11----------------------11----------------][riff 1]
Riff 1 x4, start lyrics midway through the third time, then play the 1st half (notes start to change), and move to:
This is were it starts to get tricky:
After that, start this (note: I'm not positive on this, it may be wrong, but it sounds close enough for me)
B--[---------2-----------------2----------------3-----------------3---]G--[------1-----1-----------1----------------2-----2-----------2------]D--[---3-----------3-----3--------3-------4-----------4-----4--------4]A--[4-----------------4----------------5-----------------5------------][riff 2]
Riff 2 x3, then play midway through (until the notes change) and then move to:
G--[7--7--7-|-7--7--7-|-7--7--7-|-7--6--5--4]D--[7--7--7-|-7--7--7-|-7--7--7-|-7--6--5--4]A--[5--5--5-|-5--5--5-|-5--5--5-|-5--4--3--2][riff 3]
Play riff 3 once, muted, then theres a small break (drums) and
Then the guitar drops out and the banjo takes over. I don't play the banjo, so don't expect tabs for that part. The guitar comes back in after "What makes you think I won't cut you..." with this (add amp effects):
Note: This is generally the same as riff 3, however, I play it a string lower simply because of the last part (the slide) Let the last cord hold out while Sean sings "And you just plead....", then pick scrape and play Riff 2 (with amp effects) once, and midway through (notes change) start playing Riff 3 for a total of 3 times, and finally end with this:
And let the last chord fade away. And thats it. Personal note: To all of the people out there who have tried to tab out other people's songs, I must say that I appreciate all the hard work put into making the things work. This experience (if nothing else) has tought me that LOOKS alot easier than it really is. Now I gotta go buy some asprin...
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