Hate Eternal - Chants In Declaration tab

band;hate eternal
album; king of all kings
song; chants in declaration
tuning from low to high;c#,f#,b,e,g#,c#
tabber; ben chaffins
this maybe both guitars combined into one
it was really hard to tell what was going on but this whole tab might
be anywhere from 80-95% correct if you listen really close like i did then
you will probably here the same thing that i did in this song
putting in standard so its easier to read

on intro here this is a power chord at the enddo this 3 timese----------------------------------|b----------------------------------|g----------------------------------|d-------------111111-111111-111111-|a----------------------------------|e-000088889999-999----999-----999--| ............
e------------------------------|b------------------------------|g------------------------------|d--------------777776666655555-|a------------------------------|e-000088889999-555554444433333-| ............
so first you do the intro 3 times then whats under it once then go back to the intro 3 times agian then whats under it once agian
every thing here below is only played oncee--------------------------------------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------------------------------------|g--------------------------------------------------------------------|d---4/5-4--5555444433332222---4/5-4--4444333322221111---4/5-4--55555-|a--------------------------------------------------------------------|e-0-2/3-2-------------------0-2/3-2-------------------0-2/3-2--------|
. . .e----------------|b----------------|g----------------|d---4/555555--8--|a----------------|e-0-2/333333--6--|
so now you go back to the intro 3 times again then whats under it once then do the intro but this time once then whats under it thats pretty much it this is the whole song structure well the main riffs anyway so hopefully you all will enjoy
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