Hawk Nelson - Ode To Lord Stanley chords

Standard Tuning
Capo on 5th Fret

*This song is played on a ukulele, but it sounds quite close
**Use palm mute between each note (EXCEPT ON THE LAST THREE CHORDS)
***Strum each note twice (Strumming Pattern: down then up and you only do that once)
*****Email me if their are any question, comments or corrections (savannah93sc@yahoo.com) 
^^Please put title something like "Question about song chords" or something so 
that I don't delete it! I want to answer your questions^^

G D 
Em Hey folks, let me tell you somethin'
C I had a dream this afternoon, during my nap
G D And I'm gonna share it with you right now, through song
Em C Tune her up boys
G D Em COooh Oooh
G D Em COooh Oooh
G D Had another dream today
Em C I gotta let it out
G D The media has lost it's brain
Em C What's this all about?
G The action, the drama,
D Has got me on my
Em C Seat's edge all the time
G D TSN's been on my screen
Em C Since I read the news last night
G D If it's true
Em C Then can someone let me know
G D I need proof
Em C That this rumor's not a joke
G Is it a myth (a myth) A ledgend (a ledgend)
D An old wise tale
Em C I guess I'll see it through
Am If the Flames win Lord Stanley
C G Then we all win it too
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