Hawk Nelson - Long Ago chords

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(verse 1)
ECan we get back to the basics?
BBack where we came from?
C#mWhen we didn't have no worries
AWe were basking in the sun
ESometimes the least of my problems
Bfeel like the biggest ones
C#mWhen you said that you were leaving,
Afelt like we had just begun
(Pre Chorus)
C#mIt would be so easy
AOh, if it was that easy
E BI can't sleep tonight
C#m A So tell me one more time
E B When I dream,
C#m Ait will be you that's on my mind
E BIt's my heart you hold,
C#m Aso never let it go
E B C#m A I still love you like I loved you long ago
(Verse 2)
E B Saw you out on the freeway, and later at the show
C#m AIt could be my imagination, but I know I'm not alone
E BAll the lights in the city are burning out with time
C#m ABut there's a light that hangs above, and it's keeping us in line
(Pre Chorus) (Chorus) (Bridge)
C#m A B All this time that's running by won't stop until we stand still
C#m A B'Cause we are incomplete until we finally breathe
(Chorus) (Ending)
ELet's take a look at the future
BSee where we left off
C#mI'm so grateful that I found you
ACause, without you, I am lost
end on E That's it
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