Hawk Nelson – My Next Breath chords ver. 2

My Next Breath by Hawk Nelson
Tabbed by Dasell

Intro: G D2/G DE----3----------0------2---------|B------3----------3------3-------|G---------------------2----------|D-------------0------0-----------|A---5----------------------------|E--3---------3-------------------|(Rep x8)
GJust when I thought I was gone
D2/G DToo far, too far gone
D2/GAnd no one cared
GJust when I thought I was lost
D2/G DSo lost I'de never be found
D C DI turn around and your right there
C DYour right there
G DYou open up Your Arms
Em7 CAnd give me a new start
G Em7 DI need you, I need you more than my next breath
G DI know that I am loved
Em7 CBecause you bought me with Your blood
G Em7 DI need you, I need you more than my next breath, yeah
Verse: 2
GAshamed of who I've become
D2/G DAfraid that if I look up
D2/GI would see Your tears
GBut You have called me by name
D2/G DAnd You have loved me the same
I'm forever changed
C D C DAnd You are here, and You are here
C GI Surrender my soul
D Em7To Your love to Your whole
C GWhere You go I will go
DWith you
Chorus again
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