Hawk Nelson – Your Love Is A Mystery chords

Your Love Is A Mystery by Hawk Nelson
Tabbed by Dasell

My FAVORITE song by Hawk Nelson. This song is 
Sooo sweet. And its about such a sweet topic. 
Like, how even though I'm a sinner He STILL
LOVES ME!!! So beautiful. I just love how 
Hawk Nelson puts that point across. 
I Hope You like the tab and God bless. 
Rock for Him.  

may 15 


FGod I messed this up again
CI seem to do this all the time
Dm7Can You forgive me once again
BbOr have I finally crossed the line
FThey say your grace is always with me
CAnd Your near me all the time
Dm7If thats the case I pray sincerly
BbThat Your love is truly blind
PreChorus: (Muted)
C D BbThe people on the outside Watching me follow the drought
CFind a way out, you know
D BbSomething on the inside's pushing me without a doubt
ring So I'm letting it go Chorus:
F CNever always right and its plain to see
D BbYou love me Jesus It's a mystery
F CYou know my faults, You know my wrongs
G A Intro:|-F-Bb-G-Bb-|(Rep)And You still love me
FGod I know that you exist
CI've been told a thousand times
Dm7But my friends they all insist
BbThat the truth is just a lie
FYou see the life they all live
CSeems like a party all the time
Dm7The temptation I resist
BbBecause its you I glorify
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