Hawk Nelson - Stagefright chords

StageFright by Hawk Nelson
Tabbed by Dasell

This is the bonus song from Hawk Neslons
Cd Live Life Loud mixed with the version 
on their new cd Crazy Love.

Intro: (And main riff)

(They do this riff though the whole song Another guitar playes the chords.) E-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------|D----5--9-7----5-7--9-7-5-----|A--7---------7-----------7----|E-----------------------------|
A BEvery time that I close my eyes
E A (Riff2)I cathch a glimpse of the west coast sunrise
A B E A (Riff2)I can tell you your just as beautiful
A BOverwhelmed by the fear in stagefright
E A (Riff2)Your the only one in my spotlight
A B E A (Riff2)Even when you dont feel so beautiful
A BWe've got one chance
E A (Riff2)We've got one chance
A B E A (Riff2)We've got one chance to shine
A BStill awake in the start of daylight
E A (Riff2)I miss you bad but I swear I'm allright
A B E A (Riff2)I'll see you soon when the leaves turn colorful
A BI see your face in my own reflection
E A (Riff2)Scare the cro but theres no connection
A B E A (Riff2)Without you nothing feels like home
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