Hawk Nelson - Stagefright chords version 2

Verse 1: 
G DEverytime that I close my eyes
C DI catch a glimpse of the west coast sunrise
G D C DAnd I can tell you you're just as beautiful
G DOverwhelmed by the fear and stagefright
C DYou're the only one in my spotlight
G D C DEven when you don't feel so beautiful
G DWe've got one chance
Em CWe've got one chance
G D Em CWe've got one chance, to shine
Verse 2:
G DStill awake at the start of daylight
C DI miss you bad, but I swear I'm all right
G D C DI'll see you soon when the leaves turn colorful
G DI see your face in my own reflection
C DI scan the crowd but there's no connection
G D C DWithout you nothing feels like home
G DTo shine
Em CTo shine
G DTo shine
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