Hawk Nelson – Faithful chords

"Faithful" by Hawk Nelson chords

Standard tuning
Capo 1
Intro: D- - - G-

Verse 1
D You never promised me that this would be easy
Fm GI never knew that anything could be this hard
GI wanna trust that You know what You're doin'
G DBut right now, I'm just fallin' apart
DIt's hard to see it when I'm livin' in the moment
Fm GBut Your love's still written on my heart
GI get lost when I feel the wind blowin'
G I gotta cling to who You are
Bm'Cause You are good
A DEven when You're not understood
D G DNo matter how many skies fall down
D A BmI'm covered under the peace I've found
Bm G D AYou're my shelter when there's nowhere else to go
A G DNo matter how many times I break
D A BmYou promise always to keep me safe
Bm G D A DYou're my rescue when I'm spinning outta control
D G DYou are faithful, faithful
D AYou are faithful, faithful
Verse 2
D FmI'm leaving doubt and sorrow in the distance
Fm GI'm gonna trust, and cast my fears aside
GMy life's a work that I know You'll finish
DI know I'm gonna be alright
BmIt's You I'll chase
A DEven when I can't see Your face
A G DYou are faithful, faithful
A DYou are
G D And oh, oh, oh, oh
A Bm DMy God is always faithful
G D A BmOh, oh, oh, oh, oh (My God, my God)
D----F----Bm----D---- (fast down-strokes 4 each) No matter how many skies...
Chorus End I'm almost certain this is the way they play it, except for the fast down-strokes part, which I'm not quite sure on. Please rate, and improve! -jtvanilla
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