Hawkboy – Corpse Lips chords ver. 2

Left handed
So this is my first tab, and I've been wanting to make some for a while.
I hope you find this helpful. I'm not sure what the tuning is,
but these should be the right chords. I'll probably make different versions.

Feel free to help me with the lyrics. I couldn't find them anywhere!

Db F7 C7 Fm DbSince you grow near with the dead, you've been so negative.
Eb Ab Db F7 C7I've been kissin' corpse lips. Since you've stopped believin', you
Fm Db Eb Ableave what you saw/sought(?). I've been kissin' corpse lips.
Db Eb Ab FmChorus: I eat the fruit of your tree, I feel it turn in my belly. I am
Db Eb Ab Fm Db Ebill; I am ailin', but I know no other option than to keep, keep kissin'
Abcorpse lips.
Db F7 C7 Fm DbSince you've turned into a swan, you've gotten all that you want. I'm still
Eb Ab Db F7 C7 Fmkissin' corpse lips. Since it's a race against the clock, all that's vain is
Db Eb Abgonna rot. I'll still be kissin' your lips.
(repeat chorus) Interlude: Db - Bbm - Fm - C7
Db Bbm Fm C7Bridge: Don't cloud like a magnet. Keeps draggin' round my sadness.
Db Bbm Fm C7Nowhere else is it rainin', yeah, pity me; I can't take it.
Db Ab EbBut when a damn fool has wisdom to keep his mouth closed when kissin'
Abcorpse lips.
Oh's - Db, Eb, Ab, Fm (X2)
Db Bbm C7 Fm DbI eat the fruit of your tree, I feel it turn in my belly. But I keep, keep
Eb Ab Ab (to ending)kissin' corpse lips.
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