Hawksley Workman – Smoke Baby tab

Smoke baby by Hawksley Workman @ Ultimate-Guitar.com

intro: --2-------2------2-----2------1-----------------------| --2-------3------2-----3------2-----------------------| --2--15x--4--15x-2-15x-4--7x--1--7x-------------------| --4-------4------4-----4------3-----------------------| --4-------2------4-----2------------------------------| --2-------2------2-----2------------------------------| (1x for the intro)
verse : same thing for the verse (listen to song for the exact thing) chorus : even the same thing for the chorus (listen to song for the exact thing) then there is a time where I don't know who raps, but it sucks like (...) and for the outro i'm not 100% sure but play something like this
--7/9-7-9-9/10-9-7----------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------|
during the outro there is a couple of fils that I couldn't figer out but what the heck...
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