Paradox chords with lyrics by Hawkwind - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hawkwind – Paradox chords

EmThe story that I'm telling you
CSomething that you can do
D EmAsk yourself and try to find the answer
EmSee the signs they're always there
CBut you know you never care
D EmYou're always looking for another reason
EmTry to reach it's not too far
CSee it as you really are
D EmAsk yourself, to try and find the answer
A B A B D B A B Always, always it's the same thing
A B A B D B A BTry it, try it, you just can't win
A B A B D B A BCircles, circles spinning round
A B A B D B A BPeople, people always bring you
A B A B D B A B EmDown and down Round and round you go
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