Hawkwind – Urban Guerrilla tab

Hawkwind - Urban Guerrilla

[D] [D] [C] [G]
[D] [D] [C] [G]

I'm an [D]urban guer[D]rilla
I make [C]bombs in my [G]cellar
I'm a [D]derelict [D]dweller
I'm a [C]potential [G]killer
I'm a [D]street fighting [D]dancer
I'm a revo[C]lutionary ro[G]mancer
My [D]rising sign is [D]Cancer
I'm a [C]two-tone [G]panther

So [F] let's not [F]talk of [F]love and [F]flowers
And [G]things that [G]don't ex[G]plode [G]
[Bb] We've used [Bb]up all of our [Bb]magic [Bb]powers
Trying to [C]do it [C]in the [C]road [C]

I'm a [D]political [D]bandit
And you [C]don't under[G]stand it
You [D]took my dream and [D]canned it
It is [C]not the way I [G]planned it
I'm so[D]ciety's des[D]tructor
I'm a [C]petrol bomb con[G]structor
I'm a [D]cosmic light con[D]ductor
I'm the [C]people's debt col[G]lector

So [F] watch [F]out Mr. [F]Business [F]Man
Your [G]empire's a[G]bout to [G]blow [G]
[Bb] I think you'd [Bb]better [Bb]listen, [Bb]man
In [C]case you [C]did not [C]know [C]

I'm an [D]urban [D] [C]urban [G]guerrilla
I'm an [D]urban [D] [C]urban [G]guerrilla
I'm an [D]urban [D] [C]urban [G]guerrilla
I'm an [D]urban [D] [C]urban [G]guerrilla
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