Hayden – Long Way Down tab

Sad but great, Hayden forever!
Tabbed by: Steve Vanderkloet on April 26th/04

Hayden-Long Way Down [Skyscraper National Park]

[E]Do you ever go,[Gm]to the places where[F] we both were
known. [Gm]Do you walk where [F]we used to roam [Gm]Do your thoughts
go [F]by me in their flow [E]when I'm alone some [F]times I need
to know [G]cause baby its a long way [F]down.

[E]and I wonder how youve [Gm]changed, have the years [F]left trails
I can't trace. [Gm]Has your brain lost [F]cells it won't replace. 
[Gm]and are you light or [F]weighed down with mistakes.
[E]when it gets late[F]sometimes I see your face [G]baby its
a long way down.

[C]Baby let your [Fm]feelings [C]show [Gm]its all I need from you,
to let [F]go [C]Baby I cant [Fm]stay this [C]low [Gm]and theirs so much I
need to [F]grow.

[E]and I know you never [Gm]go to the places where we both[F]were known [Gm]
and you dont walk where [F]we used to roam [Gm]and your thoughts [F]dont pass
me in their flow. [E]cause if they did [F]I wouldnt be out alone.
[G]Baby its a long way [F]down.

repeat chorus x1

[Fm]strum quickly x4 [E]strum x1 (repeat x4)
end on [C]
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