Hayden - Lets Break Up chords

-- Capo on 1st --

Intro G chord with hammer ons (a string)

G Bm7 C Bm7 CI suppose there's nothing more between us,
G Bm7 C Bm7 Cwhen all we do is fill the room with sadness.
G Bm7 C Bm7 CIt's getting hard to find the words to make-up,
Amlet's break up
G D B7 Cif you're gonna leave me, don't be teasing
G D Cyou need to take a stand
G D B7 Cif you're gonna mess up, give me a heads up
G D C DI need to make some plans
Verse 2: when I came home the road washed me to your shore but the key was not where we once left it before so I walked around 'till some clown came out of your door This is war Chorus Break (Verse Chords) Chorus (Chorus Chords) I was half glass, and you were a sad sack together we were no good I'd like to go back, back to our last laugh I'd like to think we could
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