Hayden - Carry On Mentality tab

Hayden - Carry on Mentality

tabbed by Collwyn Craig

versee-2---2---2---3---|b-3---3---3---3---|g-2---x---0---0---|d-0---2---x---2---|a---------2---3---|e-----------------|So Carry On, MentalityIt's a screwed up, ExcuseIt's a part of your, PersonalityIt's a pain in... the ass
Chorus D G C C What did I do to deserve this? Was I doing something wrong? How did I cause this disturbance? I think I'll write you a song It's a Monkey shaped like a man He has a tray in his hands Was a fortune, I'm not sad I put a candle in his tray, I'm Glad Chorus
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