Hayden - Stem tab

stem -- hayden
everything I long for

Tune down one whole step (dAFCGD).

C Csus2 Csus4 Dm7 Dm7/B Fd|---2-----0------3-----3-----3-----3-|A|---3-----3------3-----3-----3-----3-|F|---2-----2------2-----0-----0-----0-|C|---0-----0------0-----2-----2-----0-|G|---0-----0------x-----x-----3-----2-|D|---2-----2------x-----0-----x-----3-|
Intro: [diddle x 2] C Csus2 C Csus2 C Csus4 Dm7 Dm7/B F diddle2 I bought a rose to give to you a windy day the petals flew from the stem into the street I tried to catch them with my feet I got to your door you looked to see through the peephole right at me you let me in and I just froze I gave you a stem that was a rose [diddle to end] was a rose was a rose
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