Hayden – Hazards Of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees tab

Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees
By: Daniel Field (daniel_field@yahoo.com)
Song: "Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees" by "Hayden"
Album: "The Closer I Get"

Okay, this song is pretty simple. I might have it a bit off, but
most of it is here. In the intro and after the singing parts, there
is this cool guitar lick. It goes:

The backup guitar in that goes D (X5777X) to B (X2444X) to F#m (244222) In the verse, it's the same guitar pattern. With your summer hat and smile, You came here to leave there. And as the sun stains your your legs and your arms Em G The men arrive with their one track minds, Em G And you're like that there when you're asking the time Em G They say what they'll do and they'll do what they say Em G D And they'll tell you some lies if you let them stay The second verse and chorus are exactly the same. Extra words: And you laugh but not too hard And you look but not too far. Your eyes drift across the beach And just before you reach me he speaks His face is red and he's talking degrees And you get up to leave as the sun hits the trees And you jump in the water with him at your feet. And you laugh but not too hard And you look but not too far. The outro has the same guitar as the verses. The rhythm is different but you can figure it out. ====
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