Hayden - Half For Me tab

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Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 12:58:51 -0800
Subject: half for me by hayden

Half For Me * by hayden
>From ~Moving Careful~ Ep
Acoustic song
Tabbed out by Ian Reilly


   C*         G         B         G         A         C         E*

--3-- --3-- --7-- --3-- --0-- --0-- --8-- --3-- --3-- --7-- --3-- --2-- --1-- --8-- --5-- --4-- --7-- --0-- --2-- --0-- --9-- --4-- --5-- --9-- --0-- --2-- --2-- --10- --3-- --5-- --9-- --2-- --0-- --3-- --10- --3-- --3-- --7-- --3-- --X-- --3-- --8--
NOTE: G slides to B during the verse VERSE C* G B They were the only C* G B Smokers so they'd meet C* G B Outside every twenty minutes E* When we all used to hang out C* G B Soon they became drawn C* G B To each other and anticipated C* G B The next time we'd all meet E* And we had no idea CHORUS G A C The four of us, the two of them G A C My girlfriend and my best friend VERSE (same pattern as the first) One night they announced To us they were going To go for a walk and soon they Began splitting packs in half CHORUS G A C Half for him and half for her G A C Half for me is half for sure ___________________________________________________ Listen to the recording for the exact timing, it's hard to know exactly when he's hitting it without my guitar in front of me.
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