Hayseed Dixie – Corn Liquor tab

^ ^ ^ ^|0-----------0-----------3-----------2--------||0-----------3-----------3-----------3--------||0-----------0-----------0-----------2--------||4-----------2-----------0-----------0--------||2---------2-3---3-2-3-5-2---2-0--------------||0---0-2-3---------------3-------3-5------3-2-|
^ = upstroke E I'll eat when I get hungry C I'll drink when I get dry G If the life I live don't kill me D Then I guess I'll never die E I'll tune up my fiddle C I'll rosin up my bow G And find a girl to hold me tight D Anywhere I go C G D Corn liquor corn liquor's what I cry E tacet If you don't give me corn liquor boy somebody's gonna die C G Somebody's gonna die oh lord D G F# Somebody's gonna die
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