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Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 00:34:13 PDT
From: Emil Henricson 
Subject: h/hazel/somebodys_best_friend.crd

Somebody's Best Friend
by Hazel from off their first album Toreador of Love

Transcribed by Emil Henricson

OK, this is an easy song to play, the problem is the lyrics. I know that
they're not correct, so I have put the words that I'm unsure about in

Somebody's Best Friend
by Hazel

intro: G A A A
verse: G A
chorus: E B B A A B B A G A
outro: A A A G


Cut into the soil, just like a soul
A coffin of (angel-?) reminds me I don't like to brood anymore
She goes down to the soil and sets her hand on fire
to prove she don't feel for me
I wait for dignity to tell me
she is wrong
she is wrong
she is wrong
I am not what is wrong here

Somewhere, I forget where
supposedly I am somebody's best friend

So, I wait at home, (engage) in the backlash
(hunchstruck)I stumble
A cemetery tomb(step) and think of the gravestone
Here lies a solitary note from an angel
that said this would work out just like a dream
A fond sweeping motion that carries me to sleep at night


No binal pretentions, no honourable mentions
I drink my way to sleep
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dream, dreaming, dreaming
I want to wake up in my own bed again
I want to wake up in my own bed again
I want to wake up in my own bed again

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