He Is We - Breathe chords

DHarness your heart, and be still now.
GQuiet that mind that will wander
Bm AAll sorts of dark alleys.
DTragedy strikes your self esteem
GConstantly waiting for an ending
Bm ATo all of this
BmShe opens her eyes
ASuddenly she cries
GCan we help her, can we help her?
GAnd she replies
G DYou know, I fake it oh so well
BmThat God himself canít tell
AWhat I mean and why my words are
GLess than parallel
DWith my feet
BmYou ask me what I need
AAnd all I really need
DIs to breathe.
G Bm A(Oooohh)
DPeople, they seem so interested
GOnly a few get invested
Bm AWith all the aches and pains
DDoctor, oh doctor, please help her
GI fear she may not be breathing
Bm ABlue lips and doe eyes
Thatís her disguise (Chorus)
DOoooh, oh
BmGive me some space to breathe
DI need a little room to breathe
GGive me some space to breathe
A BmAll I need is a little room to breathe
AI fake it oh so well
AThat God canít tell
DLet me breathe.
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