He Is We – His Name tab ver. 2

"His Name" by He Is We

Chords used
C#m  (x46600)
A2   (x02200)
E    (022100)
B    (x24400)
Am   (x02210)

Intro + Versese-----------0----------------0-------------0----0~--------0---------|B-------0----0--0-------0-----0--0-----0----0---------0--0--0--0----|G-----9--9----9-------8--8-----8-----6--6----6---------6-----6------|D--11----------------9----------------7-----------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus C#m A2 E B x3 A2 Am Last line of chorus, strum an A2 for a while and then let Am ring. Bridge (unknown picking, chords are as follows) A2 B C#m C#m
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