He Is We - Forever And Ever chords

Alright so this is my first post and its all by ear, so please feel free to post 
suggestions and improvements! LOVE this song! :)
<3 Lindsay

You can either play the chords: D - Bm - Asus - G
or for the picking pattern: its pretty much the same chord formation while picking the 
strings d-gd-b-g so example!

D chord:e-----------------|b----------3------|g------2-------2--|d--0-----0--------|a-----------------|E-----------------| 1 2 3 4and same pattern just in the shape of a Bm, Asus, and G :)lemme know if you want the full tabs!
Verse 1:
D Bm AsusHome is where you are,
G DKind of tragic that I left your side.
Bm A GLeft your side, left your side ......etc. etc.
Bm Asus G I gotta tell you how it feels now.
G DYoure my air, when I feel I cant breathe.
A Bm Catching me, when Im tripping over my feet.
G D A Well get through this together.
G DYoure my smile, when I just want to cry.
A BmMake it all better as you kiss my sad eyes.
G D A Im giving you my forever and ever.
(NOTE::: if you don't like staying on the G from the end of the pre-chorus up to the beginning of the chorus, squeeze an A chord at "You're my" :) I personally like it better without, it follows the real song. Also, Asus is optional throughout the pre-chorus and chorus, I prefer just A.) Instrumental: D-Bm-Asus-G Bridge:
Bm A Sat down thought about it today,
D GIf I only had a breath what would I want to say?
Bm A Something sweet, something real, something real sweet.
G Thought real hard.
BmAnd only one thing,
A D Only one thing,
G Bm A G Oh only one thing, came to me.
(NOTE::: There's quite a few parts in the song that play the chords on the offbeat. So as seen in the bridge, the A and G chord are played on the offbeat in the real recording. So on an eight count, it would be like: Bm,Bm,Bm,Bm,Bm,A,A,A etc. if it's easier to keep the rhythm by playing on the downbeat instead, go for it!) HOPE THIS HELPS! :) if anyone would like to see the full song mapped out instead of just the main idea, let me know and Ill post the full thing! Have fun with it! ~Lindsay
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