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Head For The Hills – Time To Spare chords


A D Ive been to Memphis, down to Baton Rouge
A E7 Racked up expenses on hotel rooms and booze
D A I may be senseless, but I'm staying on the move
C G E7 G G G# A Until I wear a hole in these old walkin’ shoes.
D A D AI don’t need no picket fences, I don’t want no rockin’ chair
C D E7I got my own ball and chain to wear
A F G Out on the highway, you’ll find me there
E7 (G G# A - Mando)Spare me the story friend Ive got no time to spare
Ive been to Portland, and Chicago too Ive been to Wichita, Arapaho, St. Lou But all those places, I ain’t seen them all ‘cause the moment I arrived I had to run Chorus (Instrumental, good luck) I’ve seen the city, I’ve seen the plains I’ve spent most my life in mountainous terrain Well the more I drive these roads I go insane That’s why I’m headed back to where I came Chorus (Instrumental, rip away… keep going, don’t give up, and again) Chorus
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