Headstones – Unsound tab


This song rocks and I love when a great canadian band has an awesome

I don't play bass but I got my guitar teacher to show me the bassline
and the guitar comes right off that.

This is from memory (I don't have the CD with me)

Intro: (Bass) A G D A|--6-6-6|---4*4--4-|--7-7-7|---2p0h2--||-----7-|--5----5--|-----7-|--2-------||-------|----------|5------|0---------||5------|3---------|-------|----------|
A G D A|--6-6-6|---4*4--4-|--7-7-7|---2*2----||-----7-|--5----5--|-----7-|--2-------||-------|----------|5------|0---------||5------|3---------|-------|----------|
* means a quick rest If this seems too complicated, it really isn't. It's made from these four chords: A (5X76) G (3X54) D5 (X577) A5 (X022) The guitar part is simple. All it is is the same four chords: A (5776XX) G (3554XX) D5 (X577XX) A5 (X022XX) Send corrections to r_rhoads@hotmail.com Transcribed By Denis Hammersteadt and Neil Fitzpatrick(well a little bit) Neil Fitzpatrick If anyone knows Untitled by Collective Soul please mail me or at least post it.
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