Headstones - Digits tab

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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:48:52 -0600
From: The Hansen Family 
Subject: tab: h/headstones/digits.tab


This is a cool song from an awsome album.  This tab
is far from perfect but it's a start.

Intro Riff:

For the verse play the C#m chord below with randow string scrapes this is probably wrong, but I couldn't find anything better. Half way Through you hit an A5 chord C#m scrapes A5
Pre chorus(no two snowflakes are alike...)You play A5 about 8 times, G5 4 and D5 like 10 or something(fast) A5 G5 D5e-------------------|B-------------------|G-----2---------7---|D-----2----5----7---|A-----0----5----5---|E----------3--------|
chorus(?) riff:
E----------------------------|B----------------------------| h - hammer onG-------------------------4--|D--------------------4h6-----|A-----4--4--2--4--4----------|E--0-------------------------|
Lyrics: INTRO 2X shame on you shame on you VERSE 1: C#m She's got the numbers man I got the digits Everybody knows there own Pulses Quickened A5 Don't know the essence well they've Gone and made a mess C#m Jimmy wanted pistols but he Shot em when he got em Pre-Chorus: A5 No 2 snow flakes are alike G5 D5 And niether are the seconds CHORUS 4X(no lyrics) VERSE 2: C#m Be happy when we're in public Don't know how we ever got by I've got it now I'm damaged I'm a discontinued line A5 Too busy gettin sick to close Anybody can see the flaws C#m Billy wanted depth Maybe shoulda checked his pockets PRE CHORUS CHORUS: yeah SOLO/BRIDGE(haven't figured it out yet) VERSE 3: same as first verse, except instead of playing the C#m chord, play the intro instead. PRECHORUS CHORUS: yeah Outro: play the chorus riff, just a little faster That's about it. If anyone has the more correct/complete version, or any other cool tabs (especially Headstones), post em.
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