Heart - Barracuda Acoustic tab

Song: Barracuda
Band: Heart
Guitarist: Nancy Wilson
Acoustic Vers.

Nancy uses a flanger pedal to make the effect when she plays throughout the song (which
on you tube, the only video I could find of only nancy and ann together, which was
coz ann, with tambourine in hand, vocals set and ready, and nancy rippin’ it on martin 
with flanger effect…)  so enjoy the Wilson sisters..haha (cough) I mean Heart!

E-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G--x----------------------------------------5---|D--2----------------------------------------5---|A--2----------------------------------------3---|E-----------------------------------------------|So.. this ain’t the end I saw you again to pay
E-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G--5-----4--------2-----------|D--5-----4--------2-----2-----|A--3-----2--------------2-----|E-----------------------------|I had to turn my heart away
E----------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------|G--9-------------------------------------------------------|D--9------------------------------------10---9--7---5---2--|A--7------------------------------------10---9--7---5---2--|E---------------------------------------8----7--5---3------|You smile like the sun kisses for every one-and tales it never fails
E-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G----5-------4------------------|D----5-------4----------2-0-2---|A----3-------2----------2-0-2---|E-------------------------------|You lying so low in the weeds
E---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---0-2-0--------2----|A--3-----3-2-----2----|E---------------------|I bet you gonna ambush me
Dsus A5 You’ve got me down down down down on my knees (pause) (intro) Now wouldn’t you barracuda Back over time when we were all trying for free you met up with porpoise and me No right, no wrong; selling a song-a name Whisper game CHORUS 2 And if the real thing don't do the trick You better make up something quick You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick Oooh, Barracuda "Sell me sell you" the porpoise said Dive down deep, now Save my head You ... I think that you got the blues too All that night and all the next Swam without looking back Made for the western pools -- silly, silly fools CHORUS 2
All that night and all the next..E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G-------------------------5-4-5-2--|D--5-------------7----or--5-5-5-2--|A--7-------------7--------3-3-3----|E--7-------------5-----------------|
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