Heart - These Dreams chords

Hi I had front row seat and watch Nancy Wilson Play this
I think these chords are correct.
Then i watched videos to figure this out. When I play it, it sounds just like it. Listen 
the acoustic version to get the right beat.

A/F#(202220)B(x244000)C#(x466000)open D (xx0232)  

 open E (022100)Bar E(x799000) open A(x02220) ESUS(02223X)

 Fm# (044020)  This F#M is the one Nancy Wilson played at the concert I was watched and 

On that A/F# Sometimes she would not put her finger on the B string so it would look 
this(202200) When I play it I don't put my finger on the B string.

Feel free for correction but i think this is it
hope you enjoy

These Dreams - Heart

Intro: F#m B C# D BAR A

A/F#Spare a little candle
D OPEN E OPENSave some light for me
A/F#Figures up ahead
B C#Moving in the trees
DWhite skin in linen
A/F#Perfume on my wrist
D OPEN F#m BAnd the full moon that hangs over
B D BAR E BAR AThese dreams in the mist
A/F#Darkness on the edge
D EShadows where I stand
A/F#I search for the time
B C#On a watch with no hands
DI want to see you clearly
A/F#Come closer than this
D F#m BBut all I remember
B A/F#Are the dreams in the mist
A E D A DThese dreams go on when I close my eyes
AEvery second of the night I live another life
A E D A DThese dreams that sleep when it's cold outside
AEvery moment I'm awake the further I'm away
A/F#Is it cloak 'n' dagger
D ECould it be spring or fall
A/F#I walk without a cut
B C#Through a stained glass wall
DWeaker in my eyesight
A/F#The candle in my grip
D F#m BAnd words that have no form
B A/F#Are falling from my lips
ESUSThere's something out there
AI can't resist
E D AI need to hide away from the pain
ESUSThere's something out there
D BAR C#BAR B AI can't resist
A/F#The sweetest song is silence
D EThat I've ever heard
A/F#Funny how your feet
B C#In dreams never touch the earth
DIn a wood full of princes
A/F#Freedom is a kiss
D F#mBut the prince hides his face
B A/F#From dreams in the mist
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