Heartbreakers – Swinging tab

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Lyrics from tompetty.com
Transcribed by J. Dolling (jdolling@unixg.ubc.ca)

This song uses a basic D-C-G-D progression with some color thrown in.
I've tried to show how Tom played it on Saturday Night Live which is
the same as the album version.  This is what is played through all of
the verse's and solo's.  Just repeat as neccessary.

The chorus uses the same chords but with a different strum pattern. Listen to the CD and you will figure it out easily. It is a great song that adapts well to an acoustic guitar. Email me yourquestions or comments. INTRO: D C G D D C G D D C G D VERSE: D C Well, she was standing by the highway G D In her boots and silver spurs D C Gonna hitchhike to the yellow moon G D When a Cadillac stopped for her D C And she said, "Hey, nice to meet you, G D are you goin' my way?" D C Yeah, that's when it happened G D The world caught fire that day CHORUS: C G D D And she went down..............swingin' C G D D Yeah, she went down.............. swingin' Well, she was over twenty-one In trouble with the law And it didn't faze her none She called her mother-in-law And said I need a little money I knew I could count on you After that night in Vegas And the hell that we went through C G D We went down.............. swingin' D Like Benny Goodman C G D D Yeah, we went down........... swingin' SOLO: D C G D D C G D Moonlight on the interstate She was 'cross the Georgia line Looked out the window feeling great Yeah, it had to come in time And she said I'm never goin' back She said at last I'm free I wish ma could see me now, she'd be so proud of me She went down swingin' Like Glenn Miller Yeah, she went down swingin' Like Tommy Dorsey Yeah, she went down swingin' Like Sammy Davis She went down swingin' Like Sonny Liston OUTRO: D C G D D C G D D C G D ......
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