Heather Nova – Sugar tab

   / Heather Nova      /  I think this song is about this girl being pregnant with
  / Sugar (live)      /  an unwanted child. She feels that she's not ready to have
 / Wonderlust        /  it and that her boyfriend definitely isn't either, sp she
/___________________/  flees from her situation with her baby, hoping to find a
                      better life somewhere else - though she has nowhere to go.

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - Steel Stringed Acoustic, capo on 2nd fret
Gtr II (D A D G B E) - Clean Electric*

*Gtr II uses a distortion pedal, a flanger pedal, a delay pedal and a wah-wah pedal,
 at the end it's either a tremolo pedal or some computer playing in!

Verses: Gtr I Dm C/D|-----1-----3---------3-----5-----||---3-----3---------5-----5-------||---------------------------------||-0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---||---------------------------------||---------------------------------|
Gtr II produces some background noise
Bridge: Gtr I Gtr II (clean w/ delay here) Dm C/D Dm C/D (the slide)|-1-----3-----1-----3-| |-----------||-3-----5-----3-----5-| |---8-\6----||-2-----5-----2-----5-| |---7-\5----||---------------------| |-----------||---------------------| |-----------||---------------------| |-----------|
Interlude: Gtr I plays Dm and C/D Gtr II|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-----12~----14~------12~----14~---||-0-0------0------0-0------0-------||-0-0------0------0-0------0-------|
Chorus: Gtr I is out here Gtr II|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||-0---10-0-10-12-x-0-----0-3-5-6-5-6-||-0---10-0-10-12-x-0-----0-3-5-6-5-6-||-0---10-0-10-12-x-0-----0-3-5-6-5-6-|
(2nd chorus only)|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||-0---0---0-0-3-5---5-5---5---5-5-||-0---0---0-0-3-5---5-5---5---5-5-||-0---0---0-0-3-5---5-5---5---5-5-|...ooh, when the cock crows...
Solo: it's impossible to tell, what is done here excactly with all those effects, but the point is to make noise, just keep it in Dm ;)
(keep the distortion and turn on the flanger and delay)|------------------------------------------------------------------||---13b15~---13-13b15-----13b15~---13-13b15-----13b15~---13-15b17~-||------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------|
|------------------------------------------------------||-13~-13~-13~-13~-13~--13b15~--------------------------||---------------------(bend gradually while strumming)-||------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------|
you're on your own from now own, just turn on your wah-wah pedal on top of it all, and everything's gonna be alright, turn on your tremolo effect at the, by the way. On the Vermont Transit Bus I leaned my arm into a little chink of sun Going somewhere older than I was Strapped into something tight, keeping me small I dug into you like rock climbing Too scared of coming down Too scared of going up Too scared of rockface I should've split my sides or spilled my guts or hit you or something But I was good And your father's little pancakes so round and perfect And me sitting up too straight Laughing in wrong places, kissing you, kissing up, kissing too soon When the cock crows When the morning comes where will I go? When the cock crows When the love is gone where will I go? And when you got me pregnant I stopped the party And I stopped the typewriter And I stopped your dumb ball game in the red barn And I stopped your father and bled instead And I felt the lie - something sticky on the inside A bitter wind in my throat, stopping me wanting In my stomach, in my head and you said Sugar, sugar, you couldn't come, come Sugar, sugar, without your mother, mother Sugar, sugar, you couldn't taste it Sugar, sugar, in my throat - 19th /February /06 Just mail me at Maitinin@gmail.com with questions, comments and corrections!
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