Heather Peace - I Will Make A Wish tab

I can't believe there aren't any Heather Peace tabs already :O

Ok so this is pretty simple, I worked it out by ear and by watching her performances. 
The chords for the choruses may not be 100%, but they sound like they fit.
It's my first tab too, so be nice!

Standard Tuning
Capo 4

Chords used:

      G           D          G barre (Gb)         A
Intro, Verses and Outro:
Choruses: Please be aware that Gb doesn't mean G flat here - it actually is a G barre chord, so I've written it as Gb to distinguish it from the normal G chord. G D Gb A I will make a wish and give you wings so you can fly G D Gb A Turn your blue eyes green again, giving you no more need to cry G D Gb A You will fly above the clouds and whisk towards the moon G D Gb A Catch a dream on a falling star, one that's dancing to your tune If you have any questions, feel free to email me: emilylhoward@hotmail.co.uk
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